Winners of EyeEm’s Minimalist Architecture Photography Mission

Global photography community and marketplace EyeEm has announced the winners of their Minimalist Architecture Photography Mission to find photos that best highlight “the beauty of minimalism in architecture.” Organized alongside art and design blog We and the Color, the competition saw photographers from across the globe submit over 45,000 images focusing on the color, lines, shapes, and compositions of contemporary, minimalist architecture.

From the entries, 20 images were selected as winners with a top 3 was chosen by German minimalist photographer Matthias Heiderich. Read on to see the full list of winners.

First Place: Георгий Дорофеев (Georgij Dorofeev)

Matthias: “Great, clean composition, a refreshing color scheme, and an interesting minimalist building facade – What I love about this kind of photography is that sometimes it’s hard to tell whether I’m looking at a photograph or a computer generated image. But the subtleties make the difference. Photographs are never 100% clean. In this case it’s the shadow that allows the viewer to guess it’s indeed a photograph and not a cgi. It could have easily been cropped out by the photographer, but I’m happy they didn’t do it, because to me those little “mistakes” breathe life into minimalist photography and give it a human touch. This image is my personal winner – everything done right in this one, in my opinion.”

Second Place: Trynidada

Matthias: “That’s the Maxxi in Rome designed by Zaha Hadid, isn’t it? I love that building. What a great capture. Clearly the reflection and the colors make this a great architectural photograph. The reflection of the older buildings in this very modern building’s window was well spotted and perfectly captured. Chapeau!”

Third Place: urban poetry

Matthias: “Another superb composition. The curved corten bridge is a great find and the composition is on point. I love that little white cloud in the first third of the photo. Also the color contrasts are great. I can almost feel the warmth of the corten steel. Very good work!”

Additional Winners

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