Mobile Photography Awards 2016 Winners Gallery

Way better than your selfie: Creepy crawlies, stunning landscapes and incredible aerial shoots all captured on mobile phones win photography awards

  • Mobile Photography Awards started in 2011 to showcase the emerging art form as smartphones took over
    Five years on, the practice has been tuned to produce some truly remarkable images from around the world
    Overall winner of the 2016 awards was Giles Clarke with an image of a Peshmerga fighter from Iraq


We all appreciate a good photograph, but sometime photography can seem a hobby that is out of reach for most – with cameras and lenses often costing thousands of dollars.

But these photographers are out to prove that the best camera is the one you already have in your pocket, after scooping top honours at the Mobile Photography Awards.

The ceremony was established in 2011 to celebrate the emerging artform as smartphones took over, and is now an established part of the awards calendar.

Here, the winners of the 2016 competition are brought together to display their truly spectacular talents.

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