London Faces, Emotions and Tattoos in Max Gor’s Street Photography

I am Max and I am not a professional photographer who makes living out out of it – photography for me is a passion, it is something that I really love and I can not image myself without it. I am so glad ending up living in London which is fantastic city for street photography and meeting extraordinary people.

Max Gor has been a Londoner for the past 15 years, but it was only a couple of years ago that he discovered his passion for street photography. A software developer by day, in his spare time you can find him on the streets of the city, capturing scenes of the diverse communities that live here.

Gor’s timing and framing are very essential to capture the mood and the surroundings. On his website, Raw Streets, he posts some of the latest shots from his daily outings. We particularly like some of his portraits from the London Tattoo conventions.  He managed to capture some great people with awesome tattoos. See them below:

See more interesting shots from Max’s street photography:


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