Fashion Photography in Iran? Yes! – says Mohammadreza Rezania

Mohammadreza Rezania was born 1984 in Tehran, Iran.

He dedicates himself to portraits and fashion. Mohammadreza Rezania is a multi awarded and published fine art portrait photographer. He makes photography with his soul and see different beauty through the lens of his camera.

‘My goal is to create a sense of uniqueness for the viewer! As viewer watches the photos, he/she would feel the unity, magnificence and splendor. Viewer should feel different by looking at these photos. I do my best to reach to a point where all my followers or viewers consider me as a photographer who create emotion-filled portrait, as a “Sense Creator”, and that is my most precious goal. Due to all the restrictions in Iran there are no official markets available for fashion photography therefore no one can follow the mainstream in a professional manner also not to forget the fact that it’s illegal to do so. Nonetheless, I know that wedding photography has a better marketing than other genres also followed by that, commercial, news or documentary photography has a good marketing and it pays the bills.

In other words, I try to entrap the viewer in a way that he/she would not be able to pass the photos superficially and needs to feel them with all his/her existence. And this wouldn’t happen unless a great connection to be in place between subject and photographer/viewer.’

What interested you about becoming a photographer?

– Capture a beauty scene interest me to becoming a photographer.

Where do you find inspiration to make your photographs?

– I find my inspiration everywhere in this universe. in people, walking on the street, listening to music, at bed and … Also I always see good pictures with incredible features, it automatically would influence me which obviously will lead me to make something remarkable and stunning.

What do you most like to photograph?

– Capture fashion and beauty scenes

Who are your favorite photographers?

– Steven Meisel, Annie Leibovitz, Patrick Demarchelier and Norman Jean Roy.

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