Fashion and Beauty Through the Lens of Max Thompson

Max Thompson is a professional photographer that travels the world shooting campaigns for the fashion industry as well as unit stills for movies in the film industry. His work showcases his meticulous eye for detail which thrives on a unique candid style. Max is located in Los Angeles, CA.

“In my relatively short career, I’ve been fortunate to work with some of today’s best names in the modeling industry. Whether it be magazine publications, or my photography exhibitions, I continue to find ways to push my craft full force in both the online community and in the field without taking any breaks.

I have a fascination with conveying imagery to viewers that says a lot using as little as possible. Though I admire high production, I tend to gravitate towards a more candid approach when shooting. Within the first year of my career, I taught myself that the best way to do this was with very little amounts of equipment. Less is more, as they say. …” Website

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