David Bellemere – Between Sensuality and Elegance

David Bellemere (born 1972 in Paris, France) is a fashion, celebrity and beauty photographer.

Bellemere discovered his love for photography in school. His great interest led him to study at an Art School in Paris where he saw photography more in its conceptual form. While in college, Bellemere caught the eye of various French magazines that commissioned him in his early 20s. After graduation Bellemere decided to combine his 2 passions, photography and Asia. Over the next 2 years he traveled throughout Asia regarding his time there as the most influential in his photographic style to this day. His time in Asia focused his work on the use of natural light, architecture, mixing feminine sensuality and fashion, in order to produce ‘eroticized’ yet gracious images. Today, Bellemere is recognized for his unique light, colors, and composition, that always celebrate beauty. and his work has been credited as striking the perfect balance between sensuality and elegance in his images.

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