Campari Calendar 2015 featuring Eva Green

This 2015 dreamlike imagery depicts the beautiful and little-known anecdotes, tales and curiosities behind each iconic Campari recipe. From the classic Negroni cocktail, created by Count Camillo Negroni in 1919, to the modern Campari Orange Passion, a contemporary spin on the classic Campari Orange, the Calendar explores and celebrates the recipes that have stood the test of time and are still adored in today’s modern world. Other tales include the creation of the Americano in 1933 all the way to the creation of the Campari & Seltz, the most popular drink in the Bar Camparino in Milan, opened by Davide Campari himself.

Who do you turn to when you need a star that represents the beauty and class of Hollywood, with the grace, charm and strength that makes her a true heroine? Campari turned to French-born actress Eva Green for their “Mythology Mixology” 2015 Calendar, and the result is nothing short of iconic and timeless.

“For me,” Green said, “this project was about much more than simply producing a calendar. It was about telling a series of stories in an imaginative, creative and beautiful way–and that’s exactly what we’ve achieved. This year, those stories are closer to the heart of Campari than ever before and I personally feel very honoured to have been part of that.”

Campari unveiled the images at a special event with Green in London, England. 2014 year marks the 16th edition of the calendar and collection of classic cocktails, with each month representing a story behind each of the 12 drinks.

Featuring the work of photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten, each photo has Green dressing the part next to a range of delectable cocktails, like the classic Negroni, created by Count Camillo Negroni himself in 1919, or the more modern Campari Orange Passion.

To match the classic, iconic style of the cocktails, Green needed the right outfits, courtesy of Vivienne Westwood, Versace, Alaia, and Christian Louboutin, just to name a few of the designers involved.

Only 9,999 copies of the Campari Calendar will be printed this year, and they are only distributed to “friends of Campari around the world,” the announcement stated.

Previous featured stars in the Campari Calendar have included Benicio Del Toro in 2011, Milla Jovovich in 2012, Penelope Cruz in 2013, and Uma Thurman in 2014.

Here are all 12 of the calendar images, plus outtakes from the shoot, and a cocktail recipe with some of the history behind it.

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