Aleksey & Marina. The Perception of Beauty, Fashion and Erotic

As part of the photo-duet Aleksey & Marina (Russia, Saint-Petersburg). Alexey Kozlov – a professional photographer, the photographer received a diploma in 1985. Then he worked as director of a shop in LenKinoFoto “Lens”. Author photos for posters and cover plates of the popular “Forum” group at the time. In 1989 he became famous thanks to the victory in the First All-Union competition of artistic erotic photography (Leningrad, USSR).
Marina Klebnikov – the fashion designer. I finish secondary art school, in 1989 received a diploma with honors top women’s clothing fashion designer. From 1995 to 2000, a professional makeup artist, stylist. Both are members of the Artists Union of Russia and International Federation of Artists (IFA) since 2002. However, work began in 1995. In 1998, he created his own art project Photopainting (painting technique on the negative film). More about the project Photopainting. Since 2004, engaged in image advertising (fashion, beauty, glamour) photos, including annually produce some exclusive photo collections for promotional calendars brands within its own project calendars (founded in 2005). Go to project calendars.

Aleksey and Marina is also the author of costumes, accessories, hairstyle for your photos. Own your own photo studio with professional equipment. Multiple winners of various competitions of professional photography in 2011. Aleksey & Marina became the first and so far only in Russian, the Grand Prix Trophy Victoria (photographic Oscar) 20th international competition Trierenbrg Super Circuit. The award was presented to “… due to their unique ability to combine the requirements of professional photography with the requirements of art photography. And also for the merit in moving pictures in the way of aesthetic perfection.” (Chris Hinterobermaier, chairman of the jury).

We already published Amazing Wallpapers from Aleksey and Marina on Alafoto. Now let’s see other their works. Even more photos from this duet you can find on a Gallery here.

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Amazing Wallpapers from Aleksey & Marina

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