Erotic Stories from Marco Tenaglia

Italian photographer Marco Tenaglia is known for his unconventional black and white fashion portraiture. His bold and intriguing photographic vision is the result of a mixture of both contemporary and classic styles. Tenaglia’s women aren’t classical expression of beauty. Often photographed in recurring poses, placed in luxury or decadent settings, they show a strong personality and a sort of cold sensuality. His photographs are balancing on this fine and sometimes tricky line between fashion-beauty-glamour and erotic-sexy-trashy, resulting in elegant and sophisticated black and white photography with a timeless quality and the perfection of imperfection.Renowned for being easy to work with, Marco ensures a comfortable, friendly but always professional atmosphere for every production.

In Marco’s  latest works there are a more narrative depth and a cinematic approach to create a story in a single shot or a sequence where women are fierce and fearless and unmask their feminine-masculine attitude to be in control of every situation, while men appear in some of these photographs as complementary objects, neither more nor less than a dress or a location or an accessory, to emphasize the women’s dominant attitude.

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