Creepy Photography Set Pays Tribute to Stephen King’s ‘IT’

They all float down here.

We seriously cannot wait until this coming September, when director Andy Muschietti’s new adaptation of Stephen King’s IT arrives in theaters. It’s (no pun intended) the most hotly-anticipated horror movie of the year, and fans of the novel (and/or the 1990 mini-series) are dying to be terrified by a brand new iteration of Pennywise.

Melissa Trotter, owner of Stolen Innocence Photography, is one of those fans.

Trotter’s latest photography set, which we spotted over on Reddit today, pays tribute to King’s nightmarish tale of a killer clown terrorizing young children, and it’s seriously creepy stuff. Trotter says she has “a huge soft spot for the story,” and she “can’t wait to see the new version this September!”

Check out the four-photo set below, while you wait for September 8th!



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