‘Killer in Red’ with Hollywood Star Clive Owen Instead of Annual Campari Calendar

Hollywood Star Clive Owen and Paolo Sorrentino Replace Famous Campari Calendar

One year on from the mesmerising images of Kate Hudson, Campari is shaking things up, leaving behind its highly-anticipated annual Calendar and releasing a series of short films instead. The Campari Red Diaries is a 12-part series, which will be released on a month by month basis. The first in the series has been created by award-winning actor, Clive Owen, and internationally renowned Director, Paolo Sorrentino.


Each short film will feature a cocktail using the iconic Italian aperitif. Twelve cocktails and fourteen bartenders from all over the world will be shown throughout the series. These short films aim to bring to life the mixology and magic behind each for viewers. These short films aim to bring to life the mixology and magic behind each for viewers. Killer in Red is set in a high-end bar, which sees Owen move from ordinary man to take on the guise of Floyd, a notorious bartender back in the 1980s. Owen’s character portrays the story behind the Killer in Red cocktail, as the film moves between two time periods, showing the high-energy of the time, using a cast of more than 170 and original period costumes. As the story unfolds, the film introduces French/Swiss actress, Caroline Tillette as the “Lady in Red”.

Bob Kunze-Concewitz, Chief Executive Officer of Gruppo Campari commented,This year’s campaign, Campari Red Diaries, centres on bringing to life the stories that inspire bartenders all around the world to innovate and create cocktail recipes we all are privileged to enjoy. The direction taken with this year’s campaign is unique – we have used film for the first time in the brand’s history, to guide fans on an imaginative journey, while also celebrating the flavour complexity and versatility of Campari that too inspires such imaginative recipe creation. The ever-charismatic Clive was the perfect subject to depict Paolo’s intense narrative and we’re very much looking forward to unveiling the full campaign come January.”

The inaugural seven-minute short film, created by Paolo Sorrentino and starring Clive Owen, debuted for the first time on 24 January 2017 in Rome, Italy – home to Campari. The content will also be housed exclusively on Campari’s official YouTube channel, where viewers will find the other instalments in the Campari Red Diaries.

Killer in Red will open the series with a never-before-seen cocktail that gives this short film its name.

On writing and directing Killer in Red, Paolo Sorrentino said, Campari is an Italian icon which has garnered global love and attention due its strong, intrinsic sense of aesthetic and well-defined style – the very same qualities I pride myself on. With this year’s campaign embracing the realm of film, I really wanted to ensure I harnessed the theme of storytelling with an intriguing intensity. Working with Clive was fantastic – his compelling presence and enthusiasm allowed me to create a short film which I hope proves fresh, inspiring and imaginative.”

On his involvement, the Golden Globe award-winning Clive Owen added, I was honoured to be chosen to shoot Killer in Red as part of the 2017 Campari Red Diaries campaign, particularly since this year represents the brand’s first foray into the world of cinematography and film. Working with Paolo was a real pleasure.”

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