Campari Calendar 2008 featuring Eva Mendes

Campari Tales, the concept for the 2008 Calendar is an adult, glamorous and glossy story book where Eva Mendes’ alluring sensuality is the absolute protagonist and her enchanting beauty is captured by Marino Prisottoa’s lens. The Calendar seduces with its fantastical imagery immersed in unreal dreamscapes and rich in dramatic narrative power. The fairy tale becomes a metaphor that strikes the imagination and infuses it with beauty and modern relevancy. The reconstruction of the myth and the search for hidden meanings has made the fairytale into a mirror of the evolution of humanity where women often play the leading roles and their fragility is transformed into strength, sometimes superhuman in its power. Eva Mendes stars in the 12 fairytales with distinctive flair in every photograph; aggressively and breathtakingly beautiful in the Little Match Girl, statuesque as Little Red Riding Hood taming her wolf; imperious mistress of an adoring and enslaved Pinocchio, and modern Cinderella sharing a toast with her prince past midnight. The Campari Tales feature beasts and princes alongside the princess, but Eva’s co-star is unmistakably Campari.

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