Baldomero Fernandez – ‘ufonaut’ with a camera

I recognized I possessed special gifts early in my life. As a child at night after falling asleep I would levitate above my body as I lay asleep and fly around my neighborhood. I knew it wasn’t a dream because neighborhood dogs would all bark at the sight of me flying overhead. Sadly I lost this gift around the age of 10.

However I can still speak with animals and whisper babies to sleep with great ease. When I was much younger I built and launched a UFO as “Conceptual Art”. On January 31, 2013 I along with many other Southern Californians, I witnessed a UFO above the skies of Los Angeles, this UFO was identical to the one I built years before, coincidence? I get along with ghosts I’ve seen them, spoken to them and according to others they’ve spoken through me, we can talk about it someday over a drink. Currently I am UNDEFEATED at chess against my 9 year old son and although he doesn’t know it I am also undefeated against my 2 year old too. The secret ingredient to my Award Winning chili is Vegemite. To schedule a Margarita session please give me a ring I’m always in the mood.

Baldomero Fernandez

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