New rubrics on Alafoto Blog

Hello dear members and visitors!

We are glad to introduce you three new rubrics on Alafoto Blog. Soon you will notice them as some posts will be published under new categories and with new marks.

  1. RAIN. It stands as RAre and INteresting. This rubric will be really interesting as some really rare, maybe unseen and interesting photos will be published in this category.
  2. FOTI. It means Found OThe Internet. It will be a category with mostly documentary and historic photos, also nature and lifestyle, taken mostly by photojournalists around the world.
  3. OFFF – One Frame Famous Fame. With this mark will be published most iconic, famous, influential and recognizable photos of all times. A new category Most Famous Photos will be created and every photo will come with it’s story behind it.

We hope you will like these news :)

December 21, 2018